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Saroar Hossain- Corporate English Language Trainer

A Brief Description About Saroar Hossain

SAROAR HOSSAIN is a highly experienced trainer who is recognized by his peers as an authority on English language teaching and training. At present he is working at Mentors' as a Coordinator of both Spoken English & Corporate English Training departments. He has planned and conducted numerous training sessions for groups of people and has a broad repertoire of training methods. He always uses a range of course books and materials, along with a variety of audio-visual contents. A strong emphasis is placed on dialogue and role-playing, but more formal exercises, language games and literature are also used in his training sessions. Over the last nine (9) years, he has given demonstration lessons for students as well as teachers of many institutions.

Saroar is comfortable demonstrating methods he uses regularly in his own classroom. He is aware that there is a difference between teaching and training. His training sessions blend a wide range of theories and practices, enabling his course participants to choose the methods they think will best suit their own situation. When designing courses, he analyses the needs of the individuals in detail. He adapts his courses and training methods to meet these fluctuating needs, and is able to balance the course content in response to varying demands of participants.

Present Workplace: Mentors' Education Ltd.
Designation: Coordinator of Corporate English, Spoken English & After SSC English courses


Interactive teaching/learning Learning style assessment
Creativity in teaching lessons Differentiated instruction
Innovative lesson planning Patience with weak learners

Most enjoys being a trainer because: “He enjoys working with both individuals and groups – either having the dynamic of a group or the advantage of tuning in to what an individual wants and needs. As a trainer, he can draw on his strengths such as differentiating between what is important and what is not; giving as much input as necessary and leaving as much space for learners as possible.”

Top language tips from Saroar: Follow these three things everyday to improve your English skills. Reading a short passage aloud, listen to English music or watch movies, and try to talk with someone in English for half an hour everyday. Find a time slot every day, if only for 10 minutes, and allow yourself to make mistakes when speaking.