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Join EnglishClubBD After SSC English Course to Speak English Like a Native Speaker

After SSC English Course

Every year more than a million students sit SSC examinations in Bangladesh.After taking the SSC exams students have more or less two month time for vacation which they usually spend by either visiting their relatives or staying home doing nothing. This two-month time is the most valuable time for a student. Because they will not get such a wonderful time again next 5-6 years to enhance their English & IT skills.

Therefore, EnglishClubBD, this year, has offered a course for called "After SSC Spoken English Course" for SSC candidates. This course has been designed by Saroar Hossain,the Founder & CEO at EnglishClubBD.

Although it's named Spoken Course, you will also learn to improve your Reading, Writing, Listening, Grammar, Pronunciation and Presentation. These classes are so interactive and entertaining that you will never feel bored in the class and you will love to learn more. This course will surely reduce your inertia and fear of English and you will feel more confident to speak English everywhere.

So if you are the one who just sat for SSC examinations this year, join EnglishClubBD After SSC Spoken English Course and start improving your Speaking and Presentation skills now.

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Saroar Hossain

Saroar Hossain- CEO & Language Trainer at EnglishClubBD

Saroar Hossain is the founder and CEO of EngilshClubBD and an English Lanugage trainer at Mentors' Education Limited. He is incredibly enthusiastic about innovation in learning and teaching English language. Since 2010 he has been helping people improve their English skils, especially speaking, pronunciation and presentation skills, and become a confident English speaker.

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