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Build up Your Spoken English & Computer Skills in Two Months After SSC Exams

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এসএসসি পরীক্ষার পরে ২ মাসে ইংরেজি ও কম্পিউটারের দক্ষতা বৃদ্ধির ৬টি সেরা কৌশল জেনে নিন

After taking the SSC exams students have more or less two month time for vacation which they usually spend by either visiting their relatives or staying home doing nothing. This two-month time is the most valuable time for a student. Because they will not get such a wonderful time again next 5-6 years to enhance their English & IT skills.

These days young generation are growing faster with the help of technology. They carry mobile phones, use internet, communicate with the peopple around the world using facebook etc. So they need to be good at using computer and Speaking and understanding English properly. So just after completing SSC exams including practical ones students should start learing Spoken English and Computer without wasting a single day.

You are perhaps convinced about the importace of learning these two things. But now you have got a queation that how you could imporve your Spoken English, pronunciaiton and computer skills. If you are one of those SSC students trying to improve these two most valuable skills in two months, we have got 5 best tips for you. Try to follow the following 5 tips and practice everyday to better your English and Computer skills in two months.

To Build up Your English Skills.

  1. Listen to English music or BBC/CNN news or watch English movies or documentaries for at least half an hour. This will help you improve your listening skill and understand Native English speaker properly.
  2. Read an English passage or any genre of article you like ALOUD. Reading aloud is very important. It reduces your inertia and makes you feel comfortable to read any unknown word.
  3. Speak English with your friends and family member for at least half an hour everyday. Always try to find the opportunity to speak with them in English.
  4. Try to write 5-10 lines in English about any topic you like. First two-three days you may find it difficult but once you get the real taste of writing, you will love writing.

To Better Computer Skills.

  1. To enhance the computer skills I recommend you to watch online tutorials. There are thousands of free lessons online today that you can enjoy to learn, practice and improve your IT skills. And while watching these lessons on learning computer skills you may also improve your English listening.

We hope you find this article helpful. If you need any help regarding English and Computer skills, please don't hesitate to contact us.

If you want Learn Spoken English and Improve IT/Computer skills at an institution, Please contact us.

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Saroar Hossain

Saroar Hossain- CEO & Language Trainer at EnglishClubBD

Saroar Hossain is the founder and CEO of EngilshClubBD and an English Lanugage trainer at Mentors' Education Limited. He is incredibly enthusiastic about innovation in learning and teaching English language. Since 2010 he has been helping people improve their English skils, especially speaking, pronunciation and presentation skills, and become a confident English speaker.

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